What is Sertoma?

S E R T O M A is an international service organization of business, professional and civic-minded persons dedicated to the betterment of the human community, locally, nationally and abroad. Sertoma is a terrific way to connect with your community. The three syllables (Ser-to-ma) are an acronym for SERvice TO MAnkind.

The International Organization

Sertoma International contains many thousands of members who reside in a variety of countries. Chartered originally in the United States in 1912, it is nonsectarian, nonpartisan, multiracial, gender-open and unaffiliated with any political or economic entity. Sertoma, whose offices are located in Kansas City, Missouri, supports a variety of sponsorships, including the teaching of our national heritage, encouragement of youth leadership, and activities with and for persons with disabilities in speech, language, hearing and communication. The national organization also manages the Sertoma Foundation which dedicates its resources principally to the speech and hearing disabled.

Cedar Valley Sertoma Club

The Cedar Valley club is one of 13 Sertoma Clubs in the state of Iowa, receiving its charter in 1964. The membership consists of a variety of men and women from in and around Cedar Falls and Waterloo. Members are drawn from local business, industry, and the medical, health and education professions. Many members are retired or employed primarily in the home. The Broom Factory in downtown Cedar Falls currently hosts the Cedar Valley Sertoma Club’s meetings Tuesday at noon. Meetings are relatively informal gatherings around the meal. These meetings generally include programs of interest about the local community.