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Some noises are just too loud for your ears, like a lawn mower or jet engine. If a noise makes you feel uncomfortable, it is probably too loud and could result in noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Although research is ongoing, currently NIHL is permanent and irreversible- but it is preventable.

SAFEEars! strives to motivate individuals of all ages to take action against noise-induced hearing loss by understanding the cause and the solutions, because damage incurred today can last a lifetime. By clicking on the link, you can discover how sensorineural hearing loss (hearing loss due to excessive exposure to noise) can affect your hearing, through a Hearing Loss Simulator, courtesy of the Better Hearing Institute.

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SAFEEars! materials are available for a variety of settings – from elementary, middle or high school, to the work place, club meetings, and more.

Kids are Listening and Listen Up activities in the manual provide hands-on activities for children in grades three through eight. Earplugs, bookmarks, posters, and bags provide opportunities for individuals to influence others and create awareness in regards to noise-induced hearing loss.

How to order

To order SAFEEars! materials, simply fill out the order form and return it by fax (816) 333-4320,
email –, or mail – Sertoma, 1912 E. Meyer Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64132.